Parking at Erfurt-Weimar Airport

Our multi-storey car park has 820 parking spaces on 4 floors. 616 secure parking spaces (P1) are available directly in front of Terminal B.

A further 220 parking spaces (P2) are located in the outdoor car park a few minutes walk from Terminal B. It is not necessary to book parking spaces.

The building is surrounded by fencing, has video surveillance at entrances, exits and pay machines and is accessed through barriers. The parking conditions of the Flughafen Erfurt GmbH, visible on the pay machines, apply. No liability is assumed.

Disabled parking spaces
Persons with the “parking concessions permit for heavily disabled persons with extreme walking disabilities (symbol “H” / “aG” / “BL”) according to EU regulations” are entitled to park in the specially marked disabled parking spaces for free. Parking tickets are cleared when returned to the information desk in Terminal B or at the reception area of the parking building upon presenting the aforementioned permit.

Vehicles with trailers
Drivers of vehicles with trailers are asked to visit the parking and security service beforehand.

Motorcycles may only be parked in the designated parking areas.