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Thuringian Highlights

Thuringia is always worth a visit. We would like to give you incentives to visit, because Thuringia has a lot more than just Goethe and Schiller and the Wartburg Castle to offer. The team at Erfurt-Weimar Airport hope you enjoy your travels in Thuringia!

Thüringer Unternehmen

The Airport Hotel - accomodation directly next to the airport

Directly next to Erfurt-Weimar Airport the modern Airport Hotel gives travellers and visitors of the city the opportunity for relaxing accomodation. With the motto "Friendly, competent, familiar", you will be looked after at your comfort.
Thüringer Unternehmen

KAHLA - Porcelain for the senses

The manufacturer of KAHLA/Thuringian Porcelain is located in the heart of Thuringia, in the town of Kahla, famous for decades for its porcelain art. Modern forms and shapes emerge from traditional expertise- and everything is Made in Germany.
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The world of nougat

The VIBA world of nougat is an attractive destinations for everybody. Not just the great bulding attracts visitors but also the big variety of possibilities inside of it. Nougat.. as far as you can see.