Public Transport to Erfurt-Weimar Airport

Thanks to its central location, Erfurt-Weimar Airport is highly accessible by all forms of public transport. Apart from the excellent road connections (via highway A71, Erfurt-Bindersleben exit), the airport is also very well connected with public transport. If you are arriving by train, you can simply take city tram line 4 from the main railway station and alight directly in front of Terminal B, where both arrivals and departures are located.

By city tram

City rail line 4

City tram line 4 provided by Erfurt Transport Services operates between the terminuses “Wiesenhügel” and “Bindersleben”. This line runs through Erfurt main railway station as well as Erfurt Airport. The city tram operates on this route every 10 minutes on weekdays and it takes only 25 minutes to travel from the main railway station to the airport.

You’ll arrive at Erfurt Airport comfortably and stress-free, where you will only need to allow for a 3-minute walk to reach the terminal.

Timetables for city tram line 4

This is where you can see the most recent timetables for city tram line 4 provided by Erfurt Transport Services, as well as download the zone tarifs and network plan.

Download timetable for city tram line 4 from Erfurt main train station to Erfurt- Weimar Airport an bus line 891 from gotha main station as a PDF file (38 kilobytes).

Download the Erfurt Transport Services zone tarifs and network plan as a PDF file (306 kilobytes).

By bus

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You can also use the bus lines 891, 894 and 895 of the RVG Gotha.
The current timetable can be found here.
Under this link you can find information about

By train

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Arrival at Erfurt-Weimar Airport by train is highly convenient and ensures a relaxed start to your holiday. Simply take the train to Erfurt main railway station, then the city tram line 4 in the direction of Bindersleben and alight right in front of the airport terminal.
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